Vacation Tips


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Vacation Tips:

  •  If you have a security system, call your security company to let them know you will be on vacation this way any alarms will be taken seriously & with urgency.


  • Have a family member, a trusted friend, or a neighbor check on your home. Have them remove any delivered packages or free papers, water your plants and make sure you have no leaks inside your home.


  • Install timers on a couple of your lights with alternating times.


  • Stop your mail and newspaper delivery.


  • Leave your blinds or curtains open if you normally do.


  • Lock everything up, windows, doors & garage/shed.


  • Be sure you have secured any weapons you may own into a vault or safe.


  • Don’t leave spare keys out where you may normally hide them. Bring them in or give them to the person who is keeping watch on your home.


  • You may consider hiring a house sitter especially if you have a pet.


  • Most Importantly – Do NOT post any information on social media sites about going on vacation or during your vacation which may alert bad guys your home is empty.

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