Community Outreach & Advocacy Unit

Marley Tyler – Advocate
Alicia Pratt – Advocate
Emma Bartow – Advocate

Tim Weber – Community Education Liaison

The Community Outreach and Advocacy Unit, formally the Victim Witness Unit, consists of Victim Witness Advocates and a Community Education Liaison. 

Our Victim Witness Advocates provide support and guidance to all victims and witnesses throughout the criminal justice process.  In all criminal proceedings’ victims have a right to be informed, to be present, and to be heard.  Our Victim Witness Advocates assure victims are aware of these rights, as well as others not included, and that they are accorded those rights.  Advocates also assist with scheduling, service referrals, trial preparation, and court room support for victims, as well as witnesses.

Our Community Education Liaison participates in and supports our community outreach and school programs.  The outreach and school programs, such as Don’t Believe the Lie, Heroin Still Kills, TIPS, and Special OPTS are offered to educate our community as well as provide information and services if needed.   The community education liaison also provides support and guidance for participants in the Early Intervention Program, a program developed to provide treatment to those in need as an alternative to jail.