Community Outreach

Tim Weber – Community Education Liaison

The Office of the State’s Attorney designed an Opiate & Heroin prevention program for high school students, “Special O.P.T.S (Opiate Prevention &; Teen Support)” as well as a program designed for middle school students, “Don’t Believe the Lie”. Our outreach specialist has also spoken to local college students, community groups and parents regarding the signs of drug use and trends in young adults.

For the public Middle Schools, the CCSAO/CCPS have developed the Don’t Believe the Lie program. This program includes a video that shows a teen at a party where drugs and alcohol are present. The video plays out scenarios in which the teen has decided to use the substances and the adverse consequences of that choice. The video then replays the same scenarios, but in these instances, the teen uses a set of refusal skills to abstain from drug use and shows the positive outcomes that result.

For the public High Schools, the Special O.P.T.S (Opiate Prevention and Teen Support) Program was developed. This program includes the Dear Future Me video that shows high school students reading a letter to his/her future self and imagines that future as both bright and hopeful due to the positive choices the teen has made in his/her youth.