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Twenty years after the original Heroin Kills video was released, the premiere of Heroin Still Kills was presented to the public. It was produced by The State’s Attorney’s Office and the Carroll County Health Department and hosted by Carroll Community College on January 22, 2019. The updated version touches on the rise of overdoses related to prescription opioids and fentanyl. The importance of education is still critically important in today’s society. If you are struggling or know someone who is fighting the addiction, please get in touch with our office for resources.


Threats in Plain Sight, T.I.P.S, is designed to point out the NOT so obvious signs of drug use in a teenage bedroom. This is a program for all parents and caregivers of school-age children. A mock drug bedroom setup and follow-up video detailing what parents should look for and what might be hidden in plain sight. This is an eye-opening experience for all parents to see what to look for and how easy drugs and paraphernalia are to hide in plain sight. As in all of our programs, this is followed up with questions and answers, and county resources are provided to all in attendance.

Don’t Believe the Lie – 8th Graders

The Don’t Believe the Lie Program focuses on the dangers of drug and alcohol use by students. We show a video that we created with the assistance of our county high school students. The video will show a student confronted with choosing to use alcohol or drugs and using refusal skills to avoid alcohol and drugs. During the program, we will discuss and teach various refusal skills that students can use when offered alcohol or drugs to prepare them to make good choices now and in the future.

Special OPTS – All 11th and 12th Graders

The Special O. P. T. S. Prevention Program (Opiate Prevention & Teen Support) is one of our office’s many steps to address the significant drug overdose challenges. This program is designed to focus on the dangers of opiate, fentanyl, and heroin drug use and the risks of alcohol use by students. Many of those involved in drug addiction trace their initial downward spiral back to their use of alcohol and drugs while in high school. This program uses firsthand experience from local peers and a very powerful message from a local mom. She lost her son to an overdose, and the program ends with valuable county resources for all students and staff.

Catherine’s Cause

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