Circuit Court

Allan Culver – Supervisor
Amy Ocampo
Adam Wells
Alicia Kuhns
Elizabeth Camuti
Karla Goldman
William Sasse

Circuit Court Unit prosecutes felony criminal cases that occur in Carroll County including homicides, burglaries, armed robberies thefts, assaults, narcotics and firearms crimes.  After reviewing the felony cases for probable cause and accuracy of the charges, the cases are then presented to Grand Jury.  After the Grand Jury finds probable cause to issue an indictment, the case is set for an initial appearance.  At an initial appearance, the accused is advised of the charges he or she faces and his or her right to an attorney.  The case will be set for a status conference where the defendant, his or her attorney and the prosecutor confer with the courts and criminal assignment to set motions and trial dates.  The victim advocate keeps victims and witnesses apprised of the case status, schedule victims and witnesses for case preparation and connects them to available services. 

This unit also handles all post-conviction proceedings, including violations of probation, post-conviction petitions, and notifications.