Our Prosecution Team

Executive Team

Haven Shoemaker Jr., State’s Attorney
Michael Stewart, Special Counsel
Melissa Hockensmith, Deputy State’s Attorney
Sandra Johnson, Deputy State’s Attorney
Jennifer Smith, Executive Assistant

The Executive Team is responsible for ensuring the efficient operations of the State’s Attorney’s Office for Carroll County and for establishing all office policies and procedures to ensure the highest quality and ethical standards in criminal prosecution. The Executive Team routinely collaborates with local law enforcement agencies and community stakeholders to develop comprehensive crime fighting strategies. Members of the Executive Team serve on statewide commissions and local boards to promote the interest of the County on a broader scale.

Members of the Executive Team, as well as other members of the State’s Attorney’s Office, routinely speak to community groups, various law enforcement agencies and to students and staff of the Carroll County Public Schools to educate the community about the criminal justice system.

The Executive Team of the Carroll County State’s Attorney’s Office takes great pride in our attorneys and staff.