T.I.P.S – “Threats in Plain Sight”


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“Threats In Plain Sight”


The Office of the State’s Attorney for Carroll County along with the Carroll County Health Department and the Carroll County Public Schools encourages parents to participate in T.I.P.S. “Threats in Plain Sight”. T.I.P.S. is a teenager mock bedroom filled with hidden drug signs and paraphernalia throughout the room.  The evening will begin with a video from a Carroll County family describing the heart ache and the effects of losing a loved one.

Then parents will gander through a mock bedroom trying to determine the hidden signs for drugs and drug paraphernalia that are commonly used by teenagers.  Several household items have been purchased to show the different forms of paraphernalia and secret hiding places for drugs.

After the parents search the room, a short video will reflect on the different signs throughout the room.

In closing, parents will have the opportunity to discuss the next step with their teenager.  Parents will then be able to ask the difficult questions of what to do and how to get help.

The evening is packed full of valuable information to save a life.