Executive Team

Brian L. DeLeonardo, State’s Attorney
Edward J. Coyne, Deputy State’s Attorney
Allan J. Culver, Deputy State’s Attorney
Cara Y. Frieman, Special Counsel

The Executive Team is responsible for the day to day operations of the State’s Attorney’s Office for Carroll County and for establishing all office policies and procedures to ensure the highest quality and ethical standards in criminal prosecution.  The Executive Team also provides the best available training for all attorneys and support staff on the cutting edge of prosecution.

Members of the Executive Team, as well as other members of the State’s Attorney’s Office, routinely speak to community groups, various law enforcement agencies and to students and staff of the Carroll County Public Schools in order to provide better understanding of the criminal justice system and the perils of drug use and relationship violence.

The Executive Team of the Carroll County State’s Attorney’s Office takes great pride in our attorney’s and staff.

Major Offender Unit

Cara Frieman, Chief
Courtney Colonese

Major Offender Unit, MOU, targets violent offenders, repeat felony drug offenders, heroin and prescription drug dealers connected to overdose deaths and members of drug distribution organizations for aggressive prosecution.  MOU works closely with law enforcement to focus its efforts on the individuals causing the most significant disturbance in Carroll County.  While the majority of MOU cases are felony matters handled in the Circuit Court for Carroll County, there is a district court prosecutor assigned to the unit to ensure coverage of identified cases at all levels.

Special Victim Unit

Amy Blank Ocampo, Chief
Ashley Pamer
Mary Burnell
Gabrielle Butler – Victim Advocate

The Special Victims Unit, SVU, comprised of 3 prosecutors, a victim advocate and an investigator. The SVU is dedicated to the investigation and prosecution of all child abuse, sexual assaults, elder physical and sexual abuse, human trafficking, child pornography and domestic violence related crimes. SVU members partner with local agencies, law enforcement and services providers to provide support and assistance to victims of these crimes.

Economic Crimes Unit

Melissa Hockensmith, Chief

The Economic Crimes Unit, ECU, investigates and prosecutes a variety of financial crimes such as felony theft, fraud, elder financial abuse and identity theft.  Investigation of these crimes can often be complex and time-consuming.  Attorneys and investigators work collaboratively to obtain information, review evidence, interview witnesses and make appropriate charging determinations.  ECU also strives to increase awareness of financial crimes by making community presentations and teaching at legal and law enforcement training forums.

Circuit Court

Edward Coyne, Deputy
Allan Culver, Deputy
Melissa Hockensmith
Sandra Johnson
Adam Wells
Jennifer Brady
Rebecca Gray – Victim Advocate

Circuit Court prosecute criminal cases that occur in Carroll County including homicides, burglaries, armed robberies thefts, assaults, narcotics and firearms crimes.  After reviewing the felony cases for probable cause and accuracy of the charges, the cases are then presented to Grand Jury.  Our Circuit Court Attorney also assist in the crime scenes criminal investigation and advise and assist law enforcement during investigation.

District Court

Ted Eyler, District Court Chief
Cara Derr
J. Michael Earp
Alex Hughes
Trenna Minton
Kathleen Wickert
Alicia Kuhns
Len Nixon – Victim Advocate

The District Court Division is comprised of seven prosecutors and six dedicated members of support staff.  They handle the full range of cases from domestic violence and misdemeanor assaults, DUI’s and serious traffic offenses, and felonies with concurrent jurisdiction.  In addition, this division charges cases, reviews civilian charged complaints as well as police investigations and present them in bench trials before the District Court Judge.  Besides trials, the division handles every violation of probation, modification and review hearings.

Investigation Unit

Dean Brewer, Chief Investigator
John Carhart, Deputy Chief Investigator
Jeff Spaulding, Law Enforcement Liaison
Allen Albaugh
Joe Dominick
Dave Rolle

The Investigations Division of the State‘s Attorney office is made up of five law enforcement professionals who conduct a wide range of criminal investigations. These investigations are aimed at providing evidence in sometimes complex cases. Investigators are involved in locating witnesses, presenting evidence before the Grand Jury and assisting other law enforcement agencies when requested. Investigators work closely with the State’s Attorney Special Victim Unit, Economic Crimes Unit, and the Major Offender Unit where expertise is needed in these sensitive cases.

Drug Court

Elizabeth Klinger, Drug Court Prosecutor
Brittney Sabock, Outreach Specialist

The Office of the State’s Attorney designed an Opiate &mp Heroin prevention program for high school students, “Special O.P.T.S”, Opiate Prevention &; Teen Support, as well as a program designed for middle school students, “Don’t Believe the Lie”.   Our outreach specialists have also spoken with local college campus, community groups and parents regarding the signs of drug use and trends in young adults and are a One-Stop-Shop for all the addiction services in our office and community.