SCAM Hotline


In effort to educate and prevent SCAMS, here are three of the most recent SCAMS we have seen in Carroll County:

1. Money Laundering – At the request of the scammer, you (the victim) will be wired money to pick up at Western Union, Money Gram or other money transfer company. You are asked to deposit the money into your bank account or open a new bank account in order to deposit the money. Once deposited, you are given instructions to send the money through a money transfer company to a person overseas, but occasionally to someone in the United States. You have now engaged in money laundering which is illegal act.

2. Charitable – Carroll County residents have been victimized by scammers who persuade the victim to send money to the scammer through a money transfer company. The scammer convinces the victim that they are helping children in other countries to obtain clothing or other assistance by sending this money through wire transfers.

3. Love Interest – A scammer contacts you and starts a romance conversation. Once a relationship is established the scammer will ask you to send money so the scammer can travel home from another country. The scammer offers excuses and reasons to you why there is a need to keep sending more money.

YOU SHOULD NEVER send money to someone you have not met in person!

If you suspect a scam:

A. Call the Carroll County State’s Attorney SCAM HOTLINE 443-340-5649; and
B. The Federal Trade Commission or 1-877-382-4357; or
C. If the scam involves another country, you should report on line to  International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN)

Please tell your friends and family members about these scams, help prevent them from becoming the next victim.