Drug Court / Early Intervention Program

Elizabeth Ingraham, Drug Court Prosecutor
Tim Weber, Community Education Liaison

Drug Treatment Court is a coordinated effort of identifying substance abusing offenders and placing them under strict court monitoring and community supervision, coupled with effective treatment services. This is done through a special court docket and a partnership between the Carroll County Circuit Court, State’s Attorney’s Office, Office of the Public Defender, Division of Parole and Probation, Pretrial Services, Access Carroll, Local Law Enforcement and private ADAA certified addictions programs. The Drug Treatment Court Program employs a variety of incentives to reinforce a participant’s progress as well as sanctions to instill a sense of accountability and to address noncompliance.

The EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM (“EIP”) is a substance use and intervention strategy that provides diversion from a criminal conviction for some individuals charged with minor crimes involving substance use. The EIP program also offers judges a sentencing option for offenders who have mild to moderate substance use problems and limited non-violent criminal histories. To guarantee a high quality of service to the Program participants, the Treatment & Outreach Specialist and the Drug Treatment & Education Liaison of the State’s Attorney’s  Office maintain contact with treatment provider and the Pre-Trial Services Unit of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department.

All participants must agree to follow the recommendations of the drug and alcohol evaluation.  Participants must also attend self-help meetings and must agree to remain abstinent from alcohol, controlled dangerous substances and all non doctor prescribed mood altering substances.


Threats in Plain Sight, T.I.P.S, is designed to point out the NOT so obvious signs of drug use in a teenage bedroom. There is a mock drug bedroom set up and follow-up video detailing what parents should look for and might be missing. This is a program for all parents of school age children. This is an eye opening experience to all parents to see what to look for and how easy drugs and paraphernalia are to hide in plain sight.