What is the Carroll County Drug Treatment Court?
The Carroll County Drug Treatment Court operates in the Circuit Court for Carroll County and has been specifically designed and staffed to supervise non-violent, drug dependent defendants who have been referred to a comprehensive and judicially monitored program. The Carroll County Drug Treatment Court is built on a unique partnership between the criminal justice system and the drug treatment community. This comprehensive and judicially monitored program assumes responsibility for managing cases through intensive supervision, drug treatment and rehabilitation. Defendants who participate are accountable for eliminating drug use and increasing self sufficiency. The goal of the Carroll County Drug Treatment Court is to reduce drug use and drug-related crime, resulting in lower recidivism to correction, treatment, and social service systems. Please contact Dena Black, Drug Court Coordinator, at 410-386-2851 for more information.

Heroin Fast Facts Abuse and Addiction

Heroin is an illegal, highly addictive drug. It is both the most abused and the most rapidly acting of the opiates. Heroin is processed from morphine, a naturally occurring substance extracted from the seed pod of certain varieties of poppy plants. It is typically sold as a white or brownish powder or as the black sticky substance known on the streets as “black tar heroin”. Although purer heroin is becoming more common, most street heroin is “cut” with other drugs or with substances such as sugar, starch, powdered milk, or quinine. Street heroin can also be cut with strychnine or other poisons. Because heroin abusers do not know the actual strength of the drug or its true contents, they are at risk of overdose or death. Heroin also poses special problems because of the transmission of HIV and other diseases that can occur from sharing needles or other injection equipment.

** If you would like more information regarding heroin, other drugs related issues, or if you would like to have someone speak to your community group or school, please contact Deputy State’s Attorney Edward J. Coyne of the Carroll County State’s Attorney’s Office at 410-386-2671.